Cultural Centre Of The Olive Tree
Juan Antonio Morillo Ruiz of Basilippo

The Olive Tree Cultural Centre “Juan Antonio Morillo Ruiz” of Basilippo is a new tourist, cultural
and gastronomic offer in the province of Seville (Andalusia-Spain). It is a commitment to Oleotourism, which aims to promote
and disseminate in an educational and entertaining way one of the greatest treasures of Andalusian culture and the Mediterranean diet:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Located in the countryside of Los Alcores, our olive farm preserves the beauty
and noble style of this type of architecture from the 18th century. Here the tourist will enjoy the quiet life, eternal colours and aromas
of the olive grove of Seville


We offer guided tours for individuals, couples, companies and groups of all types and sizes. Being an ideal activity
for incentive tourism, congresses, excursions and circuits, business tourism, singles, our staff is specialised
and we have translators for English, French, German, etc… .

Choose the one you like best


The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes, and during the experience the visitor discovers step by step the factors involved
in the quality of an extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, our estate is “alive” as it is the “soul” of one of the most prestigious and
internationally recognised brands on the market, not simply a facility that is opened for tourist visits.

The visit can be complemented with all kinds of services and activities such as meals, gastronomic workshops, “Team Building” activities,
cocktails with Virgin Extra. Just contact us and we will quote you everything you need to make your visit more special and tailored
to your needs. Don’t forget to book your visit in advance and ask for rates depending on the size and language of the group.


We offer you a guided tour with guided tasting and a sweet tasting that you will love for everyone, adults and children.
Visit the Centro Cultural del Olivo Basilippo with your children and friends in a fun, educational and above all different way.

You only need 4 adults and 4 children who can also enjoy a visit to La Oleoescuela, with a specialised children’s instructor
who will show them the secrets of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Meanwhile the adults will enjoy a complete Oleovisit
with an exclusive guide.

Remember that the visits are on Saturdays, by appointment. The duration of the visit is about 2 hours, so if you want we can suggest nearby places
to have lunch, have some tapas or get to know the nearby towns and villages and thus complete a “family” day that you will not forget.


You can enjoy our Hacienda Merrha and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a simple and quick way. If you do not have enough time for a complete visit,
we offer you the possibility of entering the world of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cove.

You will be able to visit part of our facilities and the olive grove with explanations on signs scattered along the route.
At the end of the tour you will enjoy a guided tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and you will learn how to recognise an authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
and enjoy its nuances and wonderful aromas and flavours.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. Play, fun, nature, learning, olive tree, olive, healthy diet,
stories, history, laughter, countryside, museum. One of the most complete, didactic and practical visits that schools,
parents’ associations and teachers in charge of organising school visits can make.

It is the most instructive visit that can be made outside the school at this time, we have a problem in the diet of the little ones
and the Oleoescuela wants to contribute to reduce the indices that show how far we are moving away from our millenary and healthy diet.
Visit for schools, 4 hours of educational games, breakfast and Virgin Olive Oil tasting.

The Oleoescuela has been awarded four national prizes for its work
in disseminating the Culture of the Olive Tree, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet.

Workshops and courses