Talking to the Olive Trees

What does “Talk to the Olive Tree” means?

“Talk to the Olive Tree” is to take care of it everyday. We believe that is very important to live between the olive trees and learn trees language. Living in the estate we can help to the olive tree to obtain all it needs to produce the the best olive oil as possible. “Talk to the Olive Tree” is to see the sheets, check the irrigation of the tree, remove herbs, cut branches to improve illumination …

From the start, Basilippo has been working to obtain a harvest method that causes minimal damages to the olive tree. Currently, we use electric rakes for harvesting. The rake does not hit the olives directly and its extensible sticks allow us to reach all the hidden parts of the tree.

In our estate “Hacienda Merrha” we adopted an early harvest before ripening of the olives which begins around middle of October and takes between 60 and 90 days. The first olives harvested, completely green, are for Basilippo Gourmet “First Days of Harvest”, looking for quality above anything else, and a few days later started the veraison (olives take on a reddish colour between green and black) we use those olives to produce our Basilippo Selection Arbequina, searching for a perfect marriage between quality and quantity.

Come to visit us and learn how to “TALK TO THE OLIVE TREE”

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