Early Morning Harvesting

If the temperature of the day is expected to be high, we collect early in the morning, so that the olives arrive fresh in the mill.

Hand Selection

We hand-select the olives before they are ground to ensure that we only have healthy olives in the process.

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Cool Storage

We keep the olives fresh from their entry to the milling, thus reducing their deterioration after harvesting.

Cold Extraction

We control the temperature of the olive paste in the blender (< 25ºC) to preserve all the aromas to the detriment of the amount of oil we obtain.

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Climatized Warehouse

The winery is air-conditioned (18-24ºC) all year round and the tanks are inertized with nitrogen to slow down the inevitable aging process of the juice.

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Bottles Inertization

All Basilippo bottles are inertized with nitrogen gas, in this way we manage to maintain the inert atmosphere of the tanks and preserve the quality of the packed E.V.O.O. for longer.

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